Natural Remedies to Dandruff

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I’m sure most of you have come across this annoying skin problem and maybe tried various strategies to remove it permanently. Unfortunatelly, the result is usually always negative and dandruff comes back sooner than you would expect. It is because there is simply no magical shampoo, in fact some can make your dandruff even worse.

1. The first thing you should begin with if you are really serious about making some turnover is to prevent any additional behaviour that could worsen your condition. That means, buy a BIO natural shampoo and pay attention to the composition written on the back side of the product. Read through it and make sure it doesn’t contain these chemicals:

  • Coal Tar – controls itching and softens rough skin.
  • Cocamide/Lauramide Dea – foaming and cleansing agent.
  • Formaldehyde – Disinfectant, germicide, fungicide and preservative.
  • P-Phenilenediamine (PPD) – Hair colorant
  • Triethanalomine (TEA) – Fragrance ingredient, serves to adjust pH and also as a surfactant.

It is important to avoid these substances not only because they can irritate the skin, but what is more important, they can even put in a danger your overall health

2. Now that we have eliminated the potential triggers, we can move on to the next important point which is your eating habits. Although, this is rather a mission on a long run, eating daily foods rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins really can make a difference.

3. My third advice is more straight-forward and faster to show some visible results. All you need to do is to let your stomach, intestines and simply the whole digestive system, have some time to recover. That means, one day try to prepare rich breakfast and then also at the lunch time eat more than usually. The rest of the day, let’s say since 3pm, till the morning, don’t eat anything more than just something simple and very easy to digest, such as fruits, vegetable, etc. Be sure to drink a lot of water during the whole day. This way your whole body immunity boosts up and so the health of your skin, which results in less dandruff.

First Aid Anti-Dandruff Wash

When you already have dandruff in your hair and you find out that your shampoo is not really able to clear it off completely, vinegar is said to be the fastest and most effective method to remove dandruff, plus add a great shiny look to your hair. The only negative thing is its charasteristic and unpleasant acidic smell. You should be able to get rid of it by a thorough after-wash with your a shampoo.

The Procedure is Simple:

a.Lean your head over the bathtube and put some reasonable amount of vinegar on your scalp. b) Continue with a massage for about 5 minutes and make sure you cover the places where you found some dandruff. c) Wash away with water, and then wash you hair as you normally would with a shampoo to get rid of the vinegar odor.

Try to keep the vinegar only on your head and make sure it doesn’t pass on your face or neck because otherwise you’ll probably smell vinegar for the next few hours. This dandruff treatment really works and I use it myself from time to time with great results. Actually, I found it on the internet as a advice from a girl who suffered some severe dandruff, tried everything, and this was the best thig she found.

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