Protect Yourself From Heart Attack List Of Foods That Can Help You Unclog Your Arteries

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There are a lot of drinks and juices for detoxification of the body that removes the toxins from our systems. There are a lot of foods that do the same too. Here are 10 foods that unclog the arteries and protect your heart.

1. Asparagus:

This food prevents blood clots and helps you lower your blood pressure that is responsible for the appearance of the cardiovascular problems.
It contains a lot of vitamin B1, B2, E, K, as well as minerals and fibers.

2. Avocados:

A lot of studies have shown that the use of avocado improves the levels of cholesterol in the blood which prevents the blockage of the arteries.

3. Broccoli:

Broccoli is rich in vitamin K that actually prevents the arteries from damaging.
It is also rich in fiber that helps to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

4. Pomegranate:

Pomegranates are rich in phytochemicals that behave as antioxidants and protect the arteries from damage.
Consuming pomegranate juice stimulates the production of nitric oxide that prevents the arteries from clogging and keeps the blood flowing.

5. Persimmon:

This plant is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that lower the levels of triglycerides and LDL.
The fibers help the arteries to remain clear and they control the high blood pressure.

6. Turmeric:

This herb has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling that actually causes arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.
If you consume this spice more often you will avoid blood clots and reduce the risk of damage to the walls of the arteries.

7. Cinnamon:

This spice cleans the plaque and prevents its accumulation and also lowers the levels of cholesterol.
It is rich in antioxidants that improve the cardiovascular health because it prevents the oxidation of the blood.
It also tastes good so you can use it to spice your food, toast or coffee.

8. Spirulina:

This blue-green alga will improve your health.
It will control the levels of lipids and fats in your blood; it will support the blood pressure and relax the arteries walls.
It is also rich in very important amino acids.

9. Green Tea:

This amazing thee is rich in catechins and they help obstruct the absorption of cholesterol.
It also promotes cardiovascular health and weight loss and it naturally boosts the metabolic process.
If you drink a cup of green tea every day you are going to reduce arterial blockages and increase the levels of lipids in your blood.

10. Cranberries:

Cranberries are actually potent antioxidants that raise the levels of HDL and lower the levels of LDL.
The regular consumption of purely natural cranberry juice will lower your overall risk of heart diseases by 40%.