Drink This Beverage Two Times A Day And You’ll Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

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The news that you have kidney stones is one that gives you headaches, but for this we have a one single ingredient cure that will do wonders in a short time.

Kidney stones can be really painful and if you suffer from this condition, don’t fret and see the remedy we propose today. It is a simple drink containing a key component.

We’re talking about citric acid. According to Wikipedia, citric acid appears as a colorless powder with a sour taste, slightly soluble in water. It is also known as the lemon salt.

Preparation and usage

You can find the citric acid in the lemon juice. If you drink half a glass of lemon juice daily (100 ml), it’s perfect!

Just mix 50 ml lemon juice with 150 ml water and drink this composition twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Do this daily ad you’ll get rid of kidney stones in about 4 weeks.