Different Types of Cellulite How to Get Rid of it

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Cellulite is something that every woman fears of, but something that is inevitable sooner or later. Since every person is different, cellulite is different too. In spite of that, a woman can have various types of cellulite, depending on the body part. Each type has a different evolution and, implicitly, a different treatment. Learn how to take care of your skin and eliminate cellulite!

Soft cellulite As the name says it, this type of cellulite makes your skin soft and out of shape. Generally, it is manifested among women over 30 and it affects those body parts that are predisposed to fat deposit, such as tights, abdomen, arms or butt.

You can eliminate soft cellulite by losing weight step by step and by following a healthy diet, rich in proteins. At the same time, you need to do some exercises, preferably workouts, so that you tone your muscles and make them more resistant. To improve the effects, you can massage your skin with cream in order to stimulate the blood circulation. As a tip, we recommend you to try some electro-stimulation treatments as they make wonders!

Edematous cellulite:

Edematous cellulite is very rare, but very difficult to get rid of. It is generally the result of scarce blood circulation and can be accentuated by fluid retention. Your skin has the aspect of a sponge and can cause pain. The most exposed areas are your feet, to be most specific the fleshy lower leg.

In order to treat edematous cellulite, you need to follow various steps. First of all, you have to eliminate the fluid retention. Second, you need to do some sport, but not any type of sport – only swimming, cycling or walking. Third, you have to change your alimentation and avoid foods that lead to fluid retention. Fiinally, we recommend you to do some drainage massage and try some medicinal stockings such as Scottish showers, which use cold and hot water alternatively.

Hard cellulite:

It is perhaps the most common type of cellulite among women under 30. It appears on tights and hips and has the aspect of an orange peel. Hard cellulite can appear in the early adolescence and can be very difficult to remove if it isn’t treated in time.

It is very important to take action the moment you see the first signs of cellulite. You can opt for mesotherapy, a procedure that implies the injection of vitamins and natural extracts into the mesoderm layer, in order to better restore the natural aspect of the skin. Alternatively, you can also apply cellulite creams but you need to know that their effect is nly temporary and they do not treat for good the hard cellulite.