A Silent Killer That Every Girl Wears, Every Parent Needs to See This

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The seemingly harmless and convenient act of wearing an extra hair tie on your wrist is shown to be not so innocuous after all! Audree Kopp, of Philadelphia, recently noticed a large bump forming on her wrist. She figured it was a spider bite and started treating it accordingly, but it turns out it wasn’t from a spider bite after all!

It just kept getting bigger, and redder, and worse,” said Kopp. Thus, she made a decision to visit a doctor. They looked at the bump closely and gave her antibiotics. There were no improvements, and for this reason she get back, ending up in the ER where it was determined that she should have a surgery in order to deal with the infection which got out of control.

After the results were examined, bacteria was discovered to reside there. It was formed from Audree’s hair tie that she had been wearing on the wrist. It seeped through the pores and created an infection.

Kopp’s case should be a warning for all those women who practice wearing hair tie on their wrists. In her case, it was a glitter hair tie that caused the infection. Nobody deserves to deal with such a serious condition caused simply by a hair tie. So, be carefu of this particular habit.