Improve Red Blood Cells And Transform Your Blood Count Number

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With This Do-it-yourself Syrup, the lower blood count in the body may often trigger symptoms such as constant exhaustion and a insufficient energy. The intake of this organic syrup will certainly significantly assist you to improve this.



  • One kg. beet
  • A mug of dried apricots
  • Two hundred gr of spinach
  • Two hundred gr of Kale
  • Three Oranges
  • Half a kg. cherries


You need to chop the actual kale, greens, dried apricots, as well as beets in little pieces, after which put them in a blender. After that, transfer the actual mixture within a larger container. Squeeze the actual oranges and also the lemon, through adding their fruit juice to the container. You can include 2 tbsp of honey for flavor and mix nicely.

You need to put the treatment into jars or even bottles having a lid, to hold them in a darkish, cool location. The ready amount is all about 8 glasses of syrup, that is enough for any month.


Take three tbsp of the syrup each and every morning with an empty belly, before breakfast. This can significantly increase the red blood cells as well as enhance the blood count number.

Also do not forget to consist of lentils, dried beans as well as beans to the daily diet.

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